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About MGR Gaming

What we're about...

MGR Gaming isn’t new except for the name which was chosen in 2018.

At MGR Gaming you can find any and all things gaming and technology-related. We have a broad spectrum of coverage that we offer. Some of our main aspects are Game and Technology News.

What we do offer is wide coverage of news, such as Game news, writing all about new and upcoming games. News and updates pertaining to games. MGR Gaming also focuses on news from the Gaming World, when Developers or Publishers plan the next best thing, updates, delays, and other news that is relevant to the gaming community.

MGR Gaming is constantly adding more areas of coverage to our spectrum. The Team is always working on adding more and more to what we do. There is an entire section dedicated to Free Loot, there are loads of Game Storefront managers out there. Every so often they grace their players with free games and other freebies. The Free Loot section is dedicated to sharing all of these freebies as they break.
You will find dedicated sections for Hardware, Technology, Software, and other specific areas of the industry. As our capability increases so does what we offer.

Our Staff has been part of the gaming and tech industry for well over two decades now. Experience ranging from gaming, news writing, hardware writing, video content creation, and so forth.

There is no preferred platform, instead, we appreciate and enjoy games on all platforms and a variety of genres. That’s just how we game, if it can be played, we sure will give it a shot. Then there is our techy part, we do love our tech, our gadgets, and all those fancy devices that change and enhance our lives.

Welcome to MGR Gaming, we hope you find what you are looking for, and remember our inboxes are always available for your opinions and thoughts.

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We will always strive to bring you accurate news, regardless of the circumstances. The news will be relevant, unbiased, and to the point. Our aim once you are done reading our published works, is to leave with new information gained and wiser for it. To ensure this, what we write will always be to the point, avoiding unnecessary tails, and other information that does not clearly state or contribute to an article at hand. Thus, articles containing rumours and leaks are things we do not waste time on, because what is being said is but smoke and mirrors, and not guaranteed. 

The reviews done by us will always have unbiased opinions, referencing our truthful findings on the products we review. We assure you that our findings will be based on our personal experience with the product.

Regardless of the area, we are writing in, our opinions will never be adjusted or altered by outside sources, they will always be based on our own findings.

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