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Review Policy

Here at MGR Gaming, we are dedicated to bringing you not only the latest and most relevant news in the gaming world but most importantly we bring you reviews.

We now not only cover game news, but we have also expanded covering a larger scope of reviews.

The hardware reviews we now offer pertain to computer peripherals such as keyboards, gaming mice, computer chassis, and such. We add more and more variety of peripherals, accessories, and other computer components by the day.

Computer components are not the only hardware and technology-based reviews we do though. Laptops, notebooks, mobile devices, console devices, and hardware are things we also take on as we get our hands on them.

We will never stop or slow down from offering you the latest and most honest reviews we can muster.

Adding to battle stations and game rooms, as gamers, we tend to add Collectables and special Collector’s Editions of our favourite games.

As such we have begun adding collectable reviews and Collector’s Edition reviews to our review section. We have a breakdown of what exactly we review and look at when doing these.

Additionally, the world is online these days, and as amazing as that is we do not always know what we are getting or getting ourselves into when dealing with an online store.

Thus, we have added online shopping reviews. Here we bring you in-depth information on why you should be shopping at this specific shop or why you should avoid it.

We will always strive to bring you honest reviews, targeting valid points and sharing the whys and why not with you, our valued readers.

We try to keep our game reviews spoiler-free as far as possible so that you can still read the review without spoiling the game. If spoilers need to be added we try to keep them to our conclusion section as far as possible.

How We Review Products:

MGR Gaming staff are not biased towards any games, hardware, or other products that we play or review. We try and give you the opinions and the facts in an interesting and sometimes humorous package.

We pride ourselves on being 100% honest as to our view of the product being reviewed, this includes any negative aspects of the product. We use a system whereby we split the product up into categories that we base our findings on.

We do this to give you a better overall view of the product and set a standard by which to measure all the products that are reviewed by us.

Starting from April 2020, we’ve changed over to a 10-point scale for all our reviews). We believe this scale, clearly and effectively communicates the decisive opinion of the reviewer without getting lost, over the difference between incremental scores.

Our reviews are not solely based on this method of scoring though, as each review goes through various channels of editing and different staff members to check for errors and accuracy.

Game developers are constantly updating their games and fixing bugs; therefore, we will update our reviews and at times write an entirely new review to showcase these new developments.


We always try to pair a product with the appropriate staff member that would suit that particular product and therefore get the most out of the review.


Special Note:

Due to a Data loss, we have suffered, we have made use of alternative pictures for some of our older Reviews. These Reviews may now contain pictures of updated/ changed versions of the game that does not reflect on the game at its initial time of release.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this, may cause.

Titan Quest is one such example, pictures from Titan Quest Anniversary Edition were used to replace the lost one.


Our scoring works as follows:

10: A ten would indicate our highest recommendation. Every product has its flaws but this product doesn’t have any worth mentioning. These products will be classics in our opinion. On the game front, it will be one of the best games you will ever experience. Hardware/ Collectable wise it is a product unlike any other.

9: A nine would indicate we loved the product but found maybe one tiny flaw that we thought we should mention and because of this flaw its status has been downgraded but it is still highly recommended for you to play. No game is ever perfect, too many mechanics working together, which almost always clashes here or there. Hardware/ Collectable wise it is almost impossible to find a perfect purchase. Either the price is high, or rarity or some other factor such as quality and contents of specific products.

8: An eight would indicate that this is still an awesome product but has a couple of flaws that will be noticeable in overall usage. Still a really good product with some amazing qualities. When more than one mechanic clashes or there are some other small but noticeable bugs. Hardware/ Collectable when not only one aspect is considered too much but several.

7: A seven would indicate a good product still worth using, but can definitely be improved upon in some areas. Games that have several noticeable bugs that are annoying but the overall game is still fun. Hardware/ Collectable wise, when even more aspects are causing some doubt, price, quality, and overall features.

6: A six would indicate that we really wanted this product to succeed but in order for this to happen many flaws would have to be fixed. You can still purchase it but know that we have noticed all these flaws and you will too. This is where game-breaking bugs can occur. We all know annoying these are. Hardware/ Collectable wise is when not only is it pricey, the overall contents just don’t seem worth it anymore. Hardware specific, when the brand name is priced higher than what the product actually offers.

5: A five would indicate an OK product. We were not super impressed but it wasn’t horrible and you should only purchase it if you have no other choice. When you have time to kill, play this game, knowing it has issues. Hardware-wise, when you are on a strict budget. Collectable wise, it isn’t worth the cash to be honest.

4: A four would indicate a bad experience by our reviewer. There will be someone out there that will enjoy it which is why it isn’t a lower score but that is its only redeeming quality. Too many bugs causing progression issues with the game. Game crashes and so on. Hardware-based does not perform the way it is supposed to. Hardware-wise, overall bad design, bad quality, and better for the same price class is out there.

3: A three would indicate a horrible product. unenjoyable and badly executed. Rushed game riddled with bugs. Barely working and not worth it. Hardware-wise it is a low-budget or no-name brand item that needs rethinking. It does not work the way it is supposed to work.

2: A two would indicate an annoying and infuriating experience as this product is rotten to the core and in no way worth your time or cash. Constant game crashes. Broken game mechanics. Hardware-wise, it is a product that pretty much failed to perform as advertised.

1: A one would indicate the worst of the worst. Don’t insult yourself by purchasing this product. We try not to review a product this bad except to show you what not to waste money on. An incomplete game that should still be in Beta or Alpha. Hardware-wise, it utterly failed to perform as advertised.