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Remnant 2: Man In The Sewers Event Guide

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Players can finish the special event Remnant 2 Man in the Sewers in the Tiller’s Rest dungeon in Losomn

In this event, you have to find a wisp that leads to a mysterious man who is hiding in a sewer grate. Players who finish this event will receive rewards. Use the Remnant 2 Man in the Sewers guide below to finish it.

Remnant 2: Where to Begin the Man in the Sewers Event:

You will come across a man behind a sewer grate in the Tiller’s Rest dungeon during your exploration. This man is beckoning you to approach him more closely. When asked, approach the stranger and engage in conversation with him. He draws you in his direction when you do this. The strange light in the dungeon, he continues, is explained.

He will also bring up the Monster in the Drain event that players can sporadically trigger in Losomn if you converse with him further. Obtaining the Mysterious Stone crafting material, Drakestone Pearl ring, and Academinc’s Set is the result of this event.

Where in Remnant 2 is the Wisp and How to Use It?

You must locate the odd light in the dungeon in order to finish the event. Look out for a big glowing wisp as you navigate the dungeon. Approach the wisp once you’ve located it. You will glow brightly as the wisp enters your persona.

Return to the Man in the Sewers after becoming possessed by the wisp. The wisp will leave your body as you approach the sewer grate. Spirit Wisp Amulet will be left behind when it floats around for a little before vanishes.

Rewards for the Potential Man in the Sewers Event in Remnant 2:

You have two choices once you’ve taken the amulet. Giving the Amulet to the Man in the Sewer is the first course of action. In exchange for your troubles, he will thank you for giving it to him and give you the Outcast Ring.

You have the option to keep the amulet if that option isn’t appealing to you. Just avoid talking to him or refuse his request to have the amulet remain in your possession.