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01 Of 12 Of 2021…


We have pretty much clocked the first month of 2021 already…

Whether it was willingly or not, month one is pretty much over and done with… Time waits for no man; it is always best to keep moving forward and here at MGR Gaming we try to do it at running speeds. There is just that much that needs doing.
Over the last couple of months, we have massively changed and improved our Discord Server; Yeah, it’s the server again.

Why though you ask… The website has two major upgrades coming and when they are close enough to go live more information will be made available. The server however is constantly updated with new features and support.

The support that we offer:

Streamer and Video Content creators have access to their own category and announcement bot to help them notify the masses when they go live or publish new content. We offer Retailer, Digital Artists, and Blogging Support now. Only available to South Africans at this stage, however, if you run a business or create digital designs or blog anything gaming, geek, or tech related you are welcome to join the server and we can set up a spot where you can market what you do.

If you run a game server you are welcome to join the server and market it to get more players to make use of them, we can set up a dedicated spot for you as well. The server is constantly adding to its list of features and services to better serve the community.

Our First Double XP Event:

This past weekend was also the start of the server’s first double XP weekend, where users gained double XP for every message they typed. As you may know, we have a ranking system that works in the background.

We are constantly on the lookout to add more and offer more, at the end of the day, we write news and reviews for you, so if we can add more and offer more, we will do that.

On the website front, our Newsletter will go live soon for you. Some minor tweaks will be taking place to readjust for the plug in updates that have changed. Other than that, there is no known issue that should be hindering your reading experience.

You are more than welcome to join our server, there is something for everyone, and more arriving every day. Invite link is here.

We are also busy with our first community based endeavour, working with the local content creators on a key website expansion. However, being in the server is needed to take part in this, so if you Stream or make Videos be sure to come and check it out.

Last but not least, the MGR Gaming Drop keys have also moved to the Discord server. Drop keys meaning, the random Steam or other game keys we drop for whoever claims them first.