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A Beautiful Tribute To Fellow Gamer DylanBobJohnJoe


Most of us knew him as “Dyl” but if you ever saw him online you would’ve recognized his gaming handle as Dylbobjohnjoe.

He, unfortunately left us last week and has since left a hole in the gaming community.

He was a well-respected body modification artist and loved his work, but his passion for gaming was unrivaled, spending much of his free time gaming online.

A Beautiful Tribute To Fellow Gamer DylanBobJohnJoe

In a touching move by some of his friends and family, He was remembered in a beautiful ceremony on SCUM. This memorial included fireworks, a gun salute (complete with bugle song), a loot drop and in true “Dyl” style a naked jump at the end to honor our fallen friend.

This was a heartfelt gesture for a man who was notorious for having a heart of gold and was loved by so many.

You will be missed Dyls.

Here is the Tribute: