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A Major New Rework Improves Starfield Skills Significantly


Starfield Pilgrimage is a skill rebalancing mod that rebalances abilities for greater impact

Choosing the right Starfield skills will always be at the forefront of the latest Bethesda RPG games, and they’ve recently been given a significant overhaul to make them feel more interesting and worthwhile. If you’ve found Bethesda’s space skill trees to be a little underwhelming in comparison to Skyrim and Fallout, this new Starfield mod is about to completely revitalize your leveling enthusiasm.

Finding the best Starfield skills for your character is a big part of figuring out who you want them to be, which is the essence of any good RPG game. Nonetheless, I found myself unsure of what to choose even early on. Some skills appear to be near-essential for simply unlocking basic game functionality, whereas others appear to be such minor upgrades that it’s difficult to get excited about them. Fortunately, Starfield Pilgrimage, a worthy addition to the best Starfield mods, has changed all of that.

The DragonField team, led by VollmetalDragon, created the Starfield Pilgrimage skill overhaul mod, which states, “The main goal of this mod is to improve consistency of skills and make each skill mean more to the player.‚ÄĚHaving your choices feel impactful is a huge and immediate improvement to the overall Starfield experience – not only can you tell the difference with each and every new upgrade, but it also makes you excited to hit the next level up and plan out your build, which I definitely felt was lacking in the base game.

While the majority of this consists of clever rebalancing and reworks to create bonuses that are interesting and meaningful without becoming overpowered, there are some very welcome quality-of-life changes. Surveying skills are no longer required to use your scanner effectively; you’ll get all zoom levels and a 150m range right away, making exploring far more enjoyable without having to plug an initial four points into an otherwise useless skill.

Starfield Character Skills

Similarly, items that feel like they should be available by default in a space game, such as boost packs, ship targeting, and thrusters, are now available, and their associated skills improve your ability to use them effectively. Similarly, crafting skills now unlock all research for that type, which means you no longer need to invest four skill points to craft everything from a specific field of study.

Other than that, most of the other skills have been rebalanced or combined, which should make all of your options feel equally appealing rather than a few standing out as clear winners. While some are simply numerical changes, others are more interesting, such as combat skills that offer bonuses such as faster reloads after kills or a chance to knock down opponents rather than pure damage buffs.

All of these changes add up to something that feels much more satisfying right away. Trying to decide where to put my next skill point no longer feels like a chore; rather, it’s an exciting opportunity to earn myself a tangible boost. If that sounds appealing, you can get the Starfield Pilgrimage mod here, where you’ll also find a complete list of the skills and installation instructions.

With all of these new bonuses, we’re sure you’ll be eager to learn about the best Starfield weapons and ships to put them to use, so you can truly become the pilot you’ve always wanted to be.