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According To Reports, Blizzard Is Asking Diablo 4 Players If They Are Okay With $100 DLC


Blizzard appears to be calculating how much it might charge for Diablo 4’s next expansion

Blizzard left out one crucial detail when revealing Diablo 4’s first expansion at BlizzCon earlier this month. We know that Vessel of Hatred will be released in late 2024, and we also know that it will introduce a new region to the game as well as a class that has never appeared in a Diablo game before.

But we don’t know how much Vessel of Hatred will cost, and it appears that Blizzard is working on nailing down one (or several) price points.

According to a leaked investigation published by Bellular News on YouTube (via Try Hard Guides), Blizzard is asking some players a number of questions about monetization regarding Diablo 4’s upcoming DLC ​​and expansions, especially Not so with Vessels of Hatred.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred

The survey includes several questions about different potential DLC price points and what each price would include to justify it. The four price tiers listed are $50, $70, $80, and $100, with each offering more and more incentives. All four grant access to the expansion, but it’s the other bonuses that are worthwhile.

Early access to major features/additions, or outright functional, game-changing content, are among the more concerning bonuses mentioned here. We already know that Vessel of Hatred will include NPC companions, which Blizzard says will provide convenient features like on-the-go stash access and gold pickup, but some of the more expensive tiers give you access to the feature one season before everyone else.

Similarly, heinous suggestions include more stash space than the standard version, as well as early access to Unique gear and Legendary Aspects. It’s unclear whether this simply means they’ll be added to the loot pool sooner rather than later, or if they’ll be given to players right away.

A few of the extras are fairly standard. Platinum bonuses (Diablo 4’s paid currency), premium/accelerated battle passes, cosmetics like wings and town portal skins, and even a set amount of Platinum every season (once you reach the higher tiers). The list also includes early access to the expansion, which Diablo 4 did at launch.  There are also variations on existing elements, as well as other bonuses found in Blizzard’s other games (such as World of Warcraft). The survey, for example, mentions a ‘Hero Skin,’ which is a cosmetic armour set with six distinct variations.

Blizzard appears to be interested in adding non-horse mounts to the game as well. You will not only receive a one-of-a-kind mount, but the more expensive tiers will allow the mount’s appearance to evolve in accordance with your achievements. As with all such surveys, it’s best to take the results with a grain of salt. While surveys have been and will continue to be used to gauge player interest in specific features as they are developed, they do not always accurately represent what is being worked on.