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According To Spirittea Publisher, The Failure Of Steam’s Competitors Is Having A Significant Impact On Indie Games


According to Spirittea Publisher, the failure of Steam’s competitors is having a significant impact on indie games

The publisher of a popular new indie game has explained why failed PC launchers are harming new indie games.

Spirittea was released earlier this week on PC, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch via Xbox Game Pass. The new cozy farming sim was published by No More Robots, and the publisher’s head, Mike Rose, has delved into why the failure of new PC launchers that try to compete with Steam has actually hurt indie games.

Rose explains everything in the tweet thread below. Typically, indie games’ most successful platform at launch is Steam, with other console platforms catching up later. Spirittea, on the other hand, received 80% of its revenue from both Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch, implying that Steam received only 20% of its revenue.

Rose believes this is due to “way more” AAA publishers putting their games on Steam after failing to make Steam competitors on PC succeed. Take, for example, Activision, which has recently returned its Call of Duty games to Steam after previously launching them exclusively on Epic Games recently discussed how its own launcher is still losing money, and as those launchers reduce their ambitions, those games are returning to Steam.

As Rose explains, this means “more eyeballs on the bigger releases, and less for the smaller releases,” as Steam attracts more AAA titles throughout the year. As a result, indie releases are finding it more difficult than ever to stand out and make a bigger impact on Valve’s platform. The failure of Steam rivals like and Ubisoft’s PC launcher has simply pushed more AAA games onto Steam, which has harmed indie games.

Spirittea may not have stood out from the crowd on Steam, but it appears to be gaining a lot of traction on the Switch eShop, as it has reached the ‘Best Sellers’ chart. Rose believes Switch sales will remain strong from here on out, which is good news for the new indie game.