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An Iconic Boss Bug Is Turned Into A Feature In Super Mario RPG


I will never, ever fight Exor in a normal fight, ever…

Super Mario RPG may have gotten a new coat of paint in its new Nintendo Switch remake, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm. Almost all of the memorable moments have returned, whether Link sleeping in the Rose Town Inn or Exor’s amusing interaction with Geno Whirl.

That’s right: What was originally a bug in the original 1996 SNES version of the game has been preserved in the remake, but it’s now a feature. Exor, the large sword that crashes into Bowser’s Castle, has several parts that your team members can attack. Depleting the health of one of Exor’s eyes removes the boss’s overall protection, allowing you to damage its health.

When an eye is removed, use Geno to cast “Geno Whirl” on the boss and press A with perfect timing to deal 9,999 damage to the boss, effectively defeating it in one blow. The original bug can be seen in action below.

Speedrunners and others who don’t want to deal with the boss have been using this exploit for years, but seeing it “officially” make it into the remake is hilarious.

According to this 15-year-old GameFAQs thread, removing Exor’s protection also removes its resistance to critical hits, which all bosses in the game have. Exor dies from the staggering damage from Geno Whirl, which is a guaranteed critical hit (if timed correctly). Exor does not have a lot of HP, to begin with.

I did not participate in the original game. When it came out, I was literally a baby. So imagine my surprise when my bright, Super Mario RPG-obsessed friend said, “Haha, try doing this funny thing, but I doubt they kept it in,” and then I was greeted with 9,999 damage.

Having said that, if you don’t want to use the old bug’s new feature, you can still defeat Exor the old-fashioned way.