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Batman’s New Ride Is Set to Be A Hot One


Naturally with a new Batman movie in the works the Dark night has to have a new ride, right?

Well we have seen it and its Hot to say the least.

Matt Reeves who will be director on this masterpiece has tweeted us some sneak peek pics.

The New Batmobile

The batmobile in the new 2022 Batman movie is a Dodge Charger 1968-70 that Bruce Wayne raced as a teenager, keeping it through the years and later modifying it into the now Batmobile.
In total there were four stunt-cars built – three with the a traditional V8 engine and one with a Tesla drivetrain. The actual batmobile, however, boasts a hefty Ford Triton V10 with an exhaust afterburner and a series of turbochargers.

So, Robert Pattinson will surely have a blast riding this baby. Seems this car won’t be his only ride in the movie though as a new bike is also set to grace our screens. Here is a little video of the bike in action on set.

We are loving the new Bat suit too here is a sneak peek from twitter.

We are loving the new Bat suit too here is a sneak peek from twitter.

As far as the new car goes, we are loving the old-school feel to it. It has a muscle car thing going for it as opposed to the more futuristic Batmobiles we are used to.

We are excited to see what more this movie has to offer us and it will be a long wait till the 25th June 2021.