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Bend Studio Shifts Focus To Live-Service Game Following Days Gone

Bend Studio Shifts Focus To Live-Service Game Following Days Gone

New Job Listing Hints at Studio’s Next Project

Bend Studio, renowned for its work on Days Gone, appears to be venturing into the realm of live-service gaming, according to a recent job listing. While speculation surrounded the studio’s next move after the shelving of Days Gone 2, this development suggests a significant departure from its previous endeavors.

The job listing, seeking a lead project manager, emphasized the necessity of hands-on experience in leadership roles for shipping AAA live-service games. This revelation points towards Bend Studio’s active involvement in the development of a live-service title, although specific details remain undisclosed.

Days Gone is Bend Studios more famous accolade.

PlayStation’s increasing emphasis on live-service projects aligns with Bend Studio’s rumored venture. With Sony already boasting a portfolio of over a dozen live-service games in progress, including recent hits like Helldivers 2 and upcoming titles such as Concord and Fairgames, Bend Studio’s contribution signifies a strategic expansion within this genre.

As Sony continues to unveil its lineup for PS5 in 2024, Bend Studio’s transition to live-service gaming adds intrigue to the platform’s evolving landscape. While further details on the studio’s project are awaited, it underscores PlayStation’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and catering to a broader range of gaming experiences.