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Capcom Beta Testing Unannounced Resident Evil Multiplayer


Capcom is hosting a closed Beta test for an unannounced Resident Evil Multiplayer game, and more details will be coming to us at the end of January.

This news comes to us via a teaser website . The website shows a schedule for this super-secret Beta Test, with the promise of more details of this game being revealed during Capcom’s upcoming showcase which will happen on the 21st of January.

The showcase was announced by Capcom themselves yesterday, where new information and gameplay will apparently be revealed for the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

There is no news on the game that will be Beta tested although Capcom has said that it celebrates the “25th anniversary of Resident Evil”. The Beta will be for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X and is said to be for four to six players.

From the Teaser website, we can see that the closed Beta for this mysterious game will start on the 28th of January. The registration period for those that have been chosen for the closed Beta will commence on the 14th of January to the 25th of January.

Participants will reportedly be randomly selected, but Resident Evil Ambassadors have a higher chance of being selected. Silver rank has twice as good a chance, Gold rank has five-times the chance, and Platinum rank has ten-times the chance of becoming a beta tester.

Capcom Beta Testing Unannounced Resident Evil Multiplayer

The Showcase that will take place on the 21st of January will be hosted by What’s Good Games co-founder Brittney Brombacher. The showcase will take us on a “guided tour of Resident Evil Village,” and will show us a brand new trailer and also give us an in-depth look at Resident Evil Village gameplay.

The last time the team at Capcom decided to flirt with the idea of multiplayer was with Resident Evil 3’s Remake. The remake that was titled Resident Evil Resistance had 4v1 asymmetrical gameplay. In this type of gameplay four survivors are set against eachother against one mastermind.

The characters of the survivors were tailor made for Resistance. Post-Launch though they added everyone’s favourite Jill Valentine. Among the mastermind, characters are the staples of the Resident Evil franchise, namely Annette Birkin and Alex Wesker.

Resident Evil Resistance was a great idea that failed to make the grade. Hopefully, the developers have learned all they can from the mistakes made there to ensure that this next installment will be a huge success.

All we can do now is speculate about this new game and wait for the Showcase on the 21st where hopefully all will be revealed.