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CLOWN… The Terrifying Horror Game Everyone Should Try


For those of you who wish to conquer their fear of blood-thirsty clowns whilst puzzling your way through tricky mazes…grab your flashlight and follow me.

This relatively unknown game is the work of solo-developer CARHAY Interactive.

CLOWN Is The Terrifying New Horror Game Everyone Should Try

The master-mind behind this twisted fantasy game is Carl Du Plessis head of CARHAY Interactive. When MGR Gaming reached out to him to find out more about this little indie gem this is what he had to say,

“My inspiration for CLOWN came from watching Markiplier’s “3 scary games” series on YouTube. I’ve also just been interested in game development ever since I was a kid, so I thought what better way to make that happen than to just do it and teach myself. :)I just thought it would be an honour if he had to play my game and post a video about it.”

CLOWN Is The Terrifying New Horror Game Everyone Should Try

CLOWN was released in January this year and is currently still in Alpha while all the bugs are being sorted out and the gameplay improved. The full game will be released as soon as the developer is completely happy with it. CLOWN is currently only available on PC and “will probably remain that way”, according to Du Plessis.

CLOWN Is The Terrifying New Horror Game Everyone Should Try

The gameplay itself is suspense-filled as you navigate a complicated set of mazes with just a flash-light in hand, searching for those elusive cards that you are tasked with finding, all whilst trying to keep away from the horrifying killer clown that is out to get you. Finding all 8 elusive cards will banish the clown and set you free.

If this sounds too enticing to pass up or you just want a scare experience you won’t soon forget, you can download the game here. The game is essentially free but you can pay what you think the game is worth if you wish to do so.