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CoD: Warzone Celebrates First Birthday With A Stat Tracker


As Call Of Duty: Warzone celebrates its first year, Activision has decided to let players see their Kills, Wins, and more.

The Call Of Duty franchise is extremely popular as is their Warzone Installment which is a free to play battle royale released on the 10th of March last year. As the game has just hit its one year anniversary, Activision has decided to give players a way to track their stats with an innovative new Stat Tracking tool.

All your stats are already in the game, but with this new tool, you get a “warzone report” by replying to the Call of Duty Twitter account with your Gamertag/handle and the hashtag #WarzoneReport.

In this “Warzone Report” you get a graphic that shows your kills, deaths, kill/death ratio, hours played, games played, and wins over the past year that you can share. Beware that these will be posted publicly just in case you aren’t comfortable with that for any reason.

CoD: Warzone Celebrates First Birthday With A Stat Tracker

In addition, Activision posted a blog post in celebration of the big event thanking the community. They also discussed an upcoming ”threat never before seen in Verdansk”, and suggesting that any “Operators who wish to survive might need to save the celebration for another time and get back in the fight before it’s too late.” This implies something big is coming soon.

Activision also said in the Blog post “Once again, thanks to you, the community, for being with us for the past year of Warzone and we cannot wait to share with you what’s in store for the year to come… but it’ll be better for you to experience it for yourself.”

This of course implies something big is coming soon and fans should be ready. There is of course that rumoured “Nuke Event” that could destroy the map before it gets re-launched with a Black Ops theme.

This event is rumoured to be happening as soon as this month so it stands to reason that they are referring to this event, but only time will tell.