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Connie Booth Has Left PlayStation


Sony has officially confirmed the news that Connie Booth has left the company after more than 30 years

Sony has said in an interview with Insider Gaming:

“Connie Booth (sic) helped drive the success PlayStation Studios is experiencing today and her passion in fostering an environment where a team’s creative vision could fully flourish has left a positive impact on many game developers. We’re thankful for Connie’s numerous contributions to the company and wish her the best in future endeavors.”

While Sony did not officially provide a reason for Booth’s departure, according to former PlayStation developer David Scott Jaffee, Booth seemingly bore the responsibility for Sony’s challenges in transitioning to live service games. This was perplexing, as the decision to make this shift was attributed to former president Jim Ryan.

“She was fired. She was not let go. She didn’t retire. She didn’t quit. She was fired,” Jaffe said. He added that “apparently” she had no notice or advance warning. “It just kind of happened,” he said.

The above information makes one think and has us having conflicting thoughts and feelings about Sony and its in-company practices.

As the story develops and more information comes to light we will be sure to keep you up to date.