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Days Gone PS5 Upgrade Will Run Up To 60 FPS In Dynamic 4K


Bend Studio has revealed that Days Gone on PS5 will run on 60FPS with Dynamic 4K.

This news comes to us via Twitter where developer Bend Studios has announced that the PlayStation exclusive survival horror Days Gone will run in Dynamic 4K at up to 60fps.

Along with this news, they have also said that the game will allow save transfers between PS4 and PS5 consoles.

For those already playing the game on PS4, this is great news as you will be able to just pick up where you left off killing hordes of undead (freakers), whilst cruising around on your motorbike.

Among Other games that will also be playable at up to 60fps on PS5, with PS4 saves transferable to the next-gen console are God Of War and Ghost Of Tsushima.

This being said only Select PS4 games will benefit from the PS5 console’s Game Boost, which may make PS4 games run with a higher or smoother frame rate.

As for a sequel to Days Gone for PS5 Bend, Studios hasn’t divulged that information to us yet. But Studio director Chris Reese has said that they want to  “explore many, many different avenues”. This could be good news for those die-hard fans of Days Gone.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after the start of a global pandemic, former outlaw-turned-drifter Deacon St. John discovers the possibility of his wife Sarah still being alive, which leads Deacon on a quest to find her.

Players can use firearms, melee weapons, and improvised weapons, and can use stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures known as Freakers. Your main form of transport is your motorbike which you will also use as your mobile infantry against those pesky freakers.

The game was delayed several times before it was actually released on the 26th of April 2019. The reviews were mixed with many praising the open-world aspect, gameplay, and Sam Witwer’s performance as Deacon, although the story and lack of character development was heavily criticized.

All we can do now is wait patiently for the PS5 release to see how Days Gone and other highly anticipated PlayStation exclusives such as Demon Souls, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bugsnax, and Godfall will actually run on the next-gen console.