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Deep Rock Galactic Devs Extend Co-Op Collaboration Invite To Helldivers 2 Team

Deep Rock Galactic Devs Extend Co-op Collaboration Invite To Helldivers 2 Team

Ghost Ship Games Reaches Out for Joint Endeavor Amidst Comparisons

Amidst comparisons between their respective games, Deep Rock Galactic developers extend an invitation to Arrowhead, the team behind Helldivers 2, for a potential collaboration.

In a recent Twitch stream featuring Ghost Ship Games developers Aaron, Mark, and Jacob playing Helldivers 2, the team openly expressed their desire to collaborate with Arrowhead. Highlighting their previous attempts to contact Arrowhead via email, the developers took to streaming their gameplay as a creative way to capture the attention of their counterparts.

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Acknowledging the frequent comparisons drawn between Deep Rock Galactic and Helldivers 2, Ghost Ship Games emphasized their eagerness to explore collaboration opportunities rather than perpetuate division. With Arrowhead’s recent launch of Helldivers 2 drawing parallels to Deep Rock Galactic, the Ghost Ship Games team sees potential synergy between the two titles.

During the stream, viewers and fans chimed in with imaginative ideas for potential collaborations, ranging from cross-game weaponry to narrative crossovers. The enthusiastic response from the community further fueled the developers’ resolve to pursue a partnership.

Signs of progress emerged during the stream as a representative from Arrowhead purportedly reached out to Ghost Ship Games via the stream’s YouTube comments, expressing interest in the proposed collaboration. With indications of mutual enthusiasm, anticipation mounts for potential future announcements regarding this exciting endeavor. As both studios navigate the evolving landscape of cooperative gaming, the prospect of a collaborative project between Deep Rock Galactic and Helldivers 2 promises