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Deep Rock Galactic Spin-Off, Survivor, Surpasses Half A Million Sales In Debut Week

Deep Rock Galactic Spin-Off, Survivor, Surpasses Half A Million Sales In Debut Week

A Winning Fusion of Co-Op FPS and Roguelite Elements

In its inaugural week, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, an auto-shooter spin-off inspired by Vampire Survivors, has sold over 500,000 copies, marking a stellar start for developer Funday Games.

The game merges beloved elements from the co-op FPS Deep Rock Galactic, including dwarves, mining, and intense bug battles, with the engaging auto-shooting and roguelite mechanics of Vampire Survivors. This innovative blend has resonated with players, surpassing Funday Games’ expectations, as expressed in a recent Steam post where the studio described the launch as exceeding their “wildest imagination.”

Looking ahead, Funday Games has outlined an ambitious roadmap for future updates. Planned additions include a new biome, biome mutators for an added challenge, and the introduction of new Overclocks and Artifacts to enhance gameplay synergies and builds. Additionally, the mining robot Bosco will undergo a revamp to become an integral part of the experience with its own upgrades.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

While the first content update is already in progress, Funday emphasizes that roadmap items are subject to change. Following the initial milestones, the studio aims to introduce new mission types, bosses, daily missions, and more, with players encouraged to share feedback and suggestions via the official Discord server.

For those craving more space dwarf adventures, a further spin-off titled Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core is on the horizon, led by original developer Ghost Ship Games. This roguelite iteration promises a fresh take on the Deep Rock Galactic formula, with procedurally generated missions and resource-gathering mechanics adding depth to the experience.

As Funday Games continues to refine and expand Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, players can anticipate a wealth of thrilling updates and enhancements in the months ahead.