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Destiny or Fate


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This sounds like an interesting one!

Head on over to Steam to grab your free copy of Destiny or Fate.

A Little About The Game:

“With Destiny or Fate, we tried to create a balanced combination of two popular genres: deck-building games and roguelikes.”

This may just be the next best thing… if it is your type of thing…

“You can choose the tactics that best suit your playstyle: you can fight bosses or go on a treasure hunt; you can battle amazing creatures and either defeat them or recruit them into your party. But be careful — if your hero dies in the middle of an adventure, you’ll have to start all over again!”

A good challenge always makes the game so much more fun!

This one is free now, so be sure to grab it and give it go.

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply add the game to your cart, and click checkout. The games price has been reduced to free so checking out will not cost you anything.

The Official Trailer For Destiny or Fate.


  • More than 15 different heroes with unique abilities.
  • More than 150 cards for heroes and monsters.
  • More than 100 types of monsters.
  • 5 chapters that are different every time you play.
  • An increasing number of heroes and cards as the rounds progress.
  • The ability to capture all monsters (except bosses) to use as companions in battle.