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Discord Invites Developers To Create Playable Games Within Its App With New SDK Release

Discord Invites Developers To Create Playable Games Within Its App With New SDK Release

Embedded App SDK Unveiled, Enabling Expansion of Playable Games and Apps Directly within Discord

Discord takes a bold step forward in gaming integration with the launch of the Embedded App SDK, empowering developers to create a diverse array of games playable directly within the Discord platform.

Initially introduced as Activities for voice calls in 2022, offering users a selection of simple games and watch-together tools, Discord’s gaming features have since evolved. With the release of the Embedded App SDK on March 18, developers of all backgrounds will gain access to tools enabling the creation of games that can be seamlessly embedded within Discord via an iframe. These games will be accessible across Discord’s desktop, mobile, and web versions, fostering a more immersive and interconnected gaming experience for users.

Originally a Discord Nitro exclusive, Activities have gradually expanded to include a broader selection of third-party developed games such as Gartic Phone and Colonist. The Embedded App SDK marks a significant milestone in Discord’s efforts to transform its platform into a multifaceted gaming hub, accessible to all users and developers alike.

The Embedded App SDK.

In addition to the SDK release, Discord announces plans to support developers through funding initiatives, focusing on the creation of innovative Activities. Developers with promising app pitches will have the opportunity to receive up to $30,000 in development funding, with submissions open until May 1. Following the pitching phase, users will have the chance to vote for their favorite prototypes, culminating in the selection of an overall winner on June 27.

Discord’s commitment to enhancing its gaming ecosystem underscores its ambition to transcend traditional communication platforms and become a central hub for gaming communities worldwide, offering a seamless integration of communication and interactive entertainment.