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EA Play Comes To Game Pass For PC


Xbox has teamed up with EA to bring EA Play to Xbox Game Pass for PC users.

Xbox Game Pass launched in 2017 and has grown from strength to strength having more than 100 games currently to choose from.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are getting more and more perks added to that service as time goes on and we have now gotten the announcement from Xbox that they will be adding EA Play as well.This means that if you are a subscriber you can get exclusive games from Electronic Arts.

This includes more than 60 new games on PC at no additional cost and will start today the 18th of March.You qualify for access to all these added games if you are a Game Pass PC or Ultimate member.

The merge between Game Pass and EA Play was supposed to occur last year but there were last minute delays which caused members to have to wait, but it’s finally here.

We recently brought to light the addition of 20 Bethesda games to the subscription service as well as eleven new games and now this, it just shows how dedicated Xbox is to making Game Pass the service to beat.

EA Play Comes To Game Pass For PC

Some of the games that will be added to Game Pass will include, FIFA 20, Need For Speed Heat, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Subscribers will also receive rewards for some of the games each month. On top of this, you will be able to play up to 10 hrs of New and recently released game. EA Play also offers discounts for the EA store.

Playing the EA games through Xbox Game Pass is a little daunting at first as you can select a game from the Windows 10 Xbox app but you will have to have the EA Desktop app to run it. Additionally, you will need to have your Xbox and EA accounts linked before any games can be downloaded.

So much has happened with Xbox Game Pass in the last few months, it begs the question what does Xbox Game Pass have planned for subscribers next?