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Earth Defense Force 6’s Western Release Delayed To Summer 2024

Earth Defense Force 6's Western Release Delayed To Summer 2024

Sandlot’s highly anticipated title postponed for additional polishing ahead of its Western debut

Sandlot and D3Publisher have announced a delay of Earth Defense Force 6, pushing its launch window from Spring 2024 to Summer 2024. The decision comes as both parties aim to refine the game further and ensure its readiness for the Western market.

The delay, attributed to the need for additional polishing and final preparations, underscores the commitment to delivering a polished and optimized experience for players. While the Asian version is still on track for release on March 14 for PS4 and PS5, the Western launch will also include a PC port to cater to a broader audience.

Earth Defense Force 6 picks up the story three years after the events of its predecessor, Earth Defense Force 5. Humanity, having rebuilt society and eradicated lingering alien threats, faces a new menace with the sudden appearance of a mysterious ring-shaped ship in the sky. Players must once again join the Earth Defense Force to fend off this emerging threat and protect the planet from destruction.

Earth Defense 6 spectacular combat scene complete with explosions

The gameplay revolves around intense battles against various giant insects, including ants, spiders, and wasps, as they attempt to overrun the planet. This genre has garnered renewed attention following the success of titles like Helldivers 2, although Earth Defense Force has been a stalwart presence since its inception in 2003 as Monster Attack, later evolving into Global Defense Force before settling on Earth Defense Force.

Originally released in Japan in 2022, Earth Defense Force 6’s delay in the West aligns with the franchise’s commitment to delivering high-quality experiences to its global fanbase. Meanwhile, fans can anticipate the release of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2, a spin-off set to launch later in 2024, further expanding the series’ universe and offering new adventures for players to enjoy.