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Elder Scrolls Online Joins Twitter Platform


Elder Scrolls Online is now playable on Bethesda ANZ Twitter account in the form of a choose your own adventure.

Bethesda Australia/New Zealand is offering a playable  Elder Scrolls quest in text form, that is similar to a choose your adventure game.

This initiative was launched as a contest by Bethesda ANZ, that offers some amazing prizes.

Bethesda ANZ said about the project “The interactive story was written here in Australia to give local fans an exciting ESO experience, with branching decisions and danger around every corner. Those brave enough to survive their first adventure will be eligible for a range of Elder Scrolls prizes, including in-game pets, crowns, and ESO Plus.”

To play the game you will have to choose between options like “Do you head to the snowy hills or head to the woods?” and “do you Back away from the Snowy Sabre Cats or Attack the Snowy Sabre Cays?” with each choice leading to a separate Twitter thread.

You will start in the City of Markarth, which you will remember if you are a fan of Skyrim as the city which has a waterfall and where a forsworn murders someone as you walk through the gate.

This “adventure” was launched to promote the recently released Markarth DLC Game Pack for The Elder Scrolls Online, which concludes the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline that’s been running through the MMO’s recent expansions.

The Markarth DLC  introduces not only the new zone of The Reach, but also adds two world bosses, two delves, and an exciting solo Arena that is sure to challenge you. They have also added several new collectables, item sets, achievements, and titles for you to acquire, in addition to new Antiquities that can only be dug up in The Reach.

Fans in Australia and New Zealand can play the adventure on Twitter until the 1st of February and stand a chance to win ESO prize packs.

Elder Scrolls Online Joins Twitter Platform

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia where available. The recently released Markarth expansion is now available on all platforms.

If you hurry now,  the Elder Scrolls Online is currently playable for free until the 9th of December. If you would rather purchase a copy for yourself, to keep, forever, you can own the full standard edition which is now on sale for 60% less on Steam.

This was a fun little adventure even if I did die my first try and even the second.

Even though you are only eligible to win if you are in Australia and NZ it is still worth a visit to the Twitter feed to have a go at this “choose your own adventure” as a welcomed interlude to daily life.