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Embracer Rebrands As Three Separate Entities, CEO Clarifies Decision

Embracer Rebrands As Three Separate Entities, CEO Clarifies Decision

Amidst significant restructuring, video game conglomerate Embracer is undergoing a name change, dividing into three distinct companies. However, CEO Lars Wingefors denies that the rebranding is a response to recent controversies

In a recent interview with, Wingefors explained that the decision to create a new holding company and retire the Embracer name is not driven by backlash but rather strategic considerations. The move aims to establish unique brand identities for each entity, tailored to their respective business focuses.

The reorganization sees Embracer splitting into Asmodee Group, Coffee Stain and Friends, and Middle-earth Enterprises and Friends. While the latter two are temporary placeholders, Wingefors emphasized that official titles will be revealed in due course.

One key aspect of Embracer’s announcement is the acquisition of €900 million from a group of banks, with the majority of debt being assigned to Asmodee. Wingefors clarified that this decision reflects the banks’ confidence in Asmodee’s stability, given its tabletop games business, which is perceived as less volatile than the AAA games space.

Despite recent challenges, including layoffs and game cancellations, Wingefors remains optimistic about Embracer’s future. He views the restructuring as a positive step towards strengthening the company’s balance sheet and positioning it for long-term success in the dynamic gaming industry.