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Enshrouded Finally Gets PC Release Date


The official release date has finally been announced for the upcoming Co-Op survival that is Enshrouded.

Developer Keen Games has announced the early access launch date for Enshrouded. The demo has been out since October and was the most played and wishlist demo at Steam Next Fest.

Keen Games’ voxel-based open-world RPG offers a diverse array of features, including exploration, construction, crafting, hunting, farming, and even the inclusion of grappling hooks and wingsuits to provide a comprehensive gaming experience.

Enshrouded will become available in early access on PC starting from the 24th of January next year. Keen Games is marking this occasion as a significant milestone for the team, as Enshrouded represents their first self-published game in nearly two decades of game development. It’s worth noting that the early access launch has been slightly delayed from the original schedule.

Building mechanic in Enshrouded.

In a press release, Keen Games addressed the delayed early access release date, emphasizing that, with over 20 years of experience, “in a tightly knit team, they have learned to expect the unexpected.”

The press release goes on to say: “The release date was chosen as it was important to the team to carry the monumental success of the demo with a high-quality Early Access launch. The team shares this announcement with much excitement and gratitude to the community for their support so far, including the surprise critical success of the Steam Next Fest demo.”

Official release date announcement trailer for Enshrouded:

The trailer features grandiose battles against formidable bosses, construction, the use of grappling mechanics, and even gliding as you traverse the landscape.

It also highlights a variety of weapons, stealth mechanics, and farming, all presented with captivating character designs.

The official Steamstore overview states:

“You are Flameborn, last ember of hope of a dying race. Awaken, survive the terror of a corrupting fog, and reclaim the lost beauty of your kingdom. Venture into a vast world, vanquish punishing bosses, build grand halls and forge your path in this co-op survival action RPG for up to 16 players.”

If this doesn’t pique your interest, it’s safe to say that nothing will. However, regrettably, you’ll have to wait a few more months to experience the game in its entirety. In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide you with updates on any news related to it.