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Fable To Get A Reboot For Xbox Series X And PC


Its Confirmed! The Iconic Fantasy series is getting a full reboot which is sure to delight Fable fans everywhere.

Microsoft has finally announced Fable for Xbox Series X and PC. The studio responsible for the reboot is Playground Games, which is the studio that gave us Forza Horizon among others.

This new installment will be titled Simply Fable. The original studio that was working on the reboot Lionhead shuttered in 2016 which is why Playground Games has taken over the development.

Fable To Get A Reboot For Xbox Series X And PC

Aaron Greenberg general manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft said in a statement:

“To put the Fable franchise – and give it a completely fresh start – in the hands of one of the greatest game developers in the world, and also right there in England with Playground Games, is sort of a dream come true. We’re letting them get a fresh start with the franchise and really you can see it’s still got the classic British humor that’s really true to the franchise, it’s obviously going to be a role-playing game, we’ve got the best folks in the industry working on it.”

The first glimpse of the game was seen during the Xbox Games Showcase, and we saw fairies, Magical swords as well as some Hungry toads.

The last time a Fable reboot was attempted it was Fable Legends, in which they attempted to turn a single-player RPG into a four-player Cooperative that relied too heavily on microtransactions.

Their original plans included the chance to make use of Microsoft’s Smartglass feature to help the user to plan attacks, and even a roster of rotating heroes.

This game was Fable in name and style only and the Fable fans hated it. Fable Legends made it to open Beta before it was ultimately scrapped in March of 2016.

Fable To Get A Reboot For Xbox Series X And PC

Simply Fable still has no confirmed release date quite yet, but true Fable fans will gladly wait for the chance to play this fantastic fantasy game again with a fresh perspective and added goodies.