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Facebook Testing Ads In Oculus VR Games


The social media giant plan to start testing a new project which aims to show ads in VR games, specifically on the Oculus Quest headset.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Facebook said that it will begin testing adverts that will appear within its Oculus virtual reality headsets.

Facebook stated in May that it would begin running advertisements within the Oculus mobile app, and it now appears that they will be running ads on their VR headsets as well.

The blog post stated: “Last month, we announced that we’re starting to test ads in the Oculus mobile app to give developers a new way to showcase their VR applications. Today, we’re excited to share a look at the next phase of that exploration: a small test of in-headset ads. The experiment will begin with Blaston from Resolution Games and a couple of other developers that will be rolling out over the coming weeks.”

The major goal of these ads, according to them, is to draw more people into virtual reality, improve the user experience, and make progress on their longer-term augmented reality efforts.

They also mentioned that they want to explore “new ways for developers to generate revenue—this is a key part of ensuring we’re creating a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models that unlock new types of content and audiences.”

This ad testing will only be in a few apps for now and they want to incorporate feedback from developers and the community and they welcome the public to “reach out to Oculus Support to share their feedback.”

Facebook Testing Ads In Oculus VR Games

This comes a year after Facebook began requiring Oculus users to log in with their Facebook accounts, and the advertising will be able to access information from users’ Facebook profiles.

Developers will reportedly be able to profit from in-game advertisements, with Facebook keeping a percentage of the revenue. This test is for flat advertising that might appear on any website, but Facebook says it’s “also exploring new ad formats that are unique to VR.”

There will be a drop-down menu to report or hide individual ads, but Facebook does not mention a way to disable ads.

Following mobile phones, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg views virtual and augmented reality-powered devices as the next great platform for human communication, with some in-person social contacts eventually being replaced.

Facebook is working harder than ever to generate revenue from a variety of sources, and this is just one of the ways Mark Zuckerberg is attempting to generate revenue for both Facebook and outside developers.