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Fortnite To Add Video Chat


Video Chat is coming to Fortnite via the Houseparty App.

Everyone who is anyone in the Gaming world has heard of Fortnite. This battle royale is highly popular and is ever changing and evolving adding new features all the time, the newest of which is Video Chat coming soon.

Fortnite will be connecting with the Houseparty app which was acquired by Epic in June of last year.

This connection will allow players to hang out and video chat all the while playing Fortnite.

When the app is launched it is reported that voice chat will be available for PC, PS5, and PS4. You will also need an Android or iOS device with the Houseparty app installed. You can then connect your Epic and Houseparty accounts.

If you are one of the players that happens to connect these two accounts you will receive a special Rainbow Fog wrap.

Fortnite To Add Video Chat

If, however, you can’t get the videochat as it is not available on all platforms there is another way to obtain the Rainbow Fog wrap. You can do this by playing five matches with your friends between November 20 to November 26. These players will get the wrap by December 4.

Epic has reportedly said that parents are able to switch off the video chat within the game’s parental controls feature and that the user must be 13 years or older to create an account on the video chat app. This is a useful feature for those parents who are concerned about their young children using the app.

Here are some step by step instructions brought to you by Epic on how the Video chat works:

  1. Firstly, you will need to open Houseparty on iOS or Android and connect to Fortnite through Settings or the TV icon.
  2. Now you can join your friends like normal or invite them to join you.
  3. Start up Fortnite on a PC or PlayStation.
  4. Now you can continue chatting to your friends while you play.
Fortnite To Add Video Chat

Because Epic is said to be concerned about safety the video chat will supply a Fortnite-themed background that will wipe everything out and show only your face. Also, only people that are friends on Houseparty will e able to connect to the chat, so no Randoms will be allowed to watch.

Epic said regarding support for other platforms such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch: “We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future.”

If there is anything we have left out you can find out more by checking out Epic’s website.