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Future Bethesda Games Will Come To Other Consoles


Microsoft says they will release future Bethesda games to other consoles on a case by case basis.

Yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media/Bethesda was not only a shock to the gaming community but also opened up questions about future projects by Bethesda and also if other consoles will get a look in when it comes to releasing the latest games from the studio.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer said in an interview yesterday with Bloomberg, that future Bethesda games such as the Sci-Fi RPG Starfield will not only come to Xbox but to PC and Gamepass too.

Spencer was quoted as saying “We’ll take other consoles on a case-by-case basis.” This statement opens up possibilities for future games and will also instill more confidence in the gaming giant.

Bethesda’s parent company which also owns Arkane Studios, makers of Deathloop, and Tango Gameworks, is currently developing GhostWire: Tokyo. Both of those games are set to be timed-console exclusives on PS5, and Spencer has told Bloomberg that this will remain the case.

Future Bethesda Games Will Come To Other Consoles

The fate of future games such as Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI, and the new Fallout are still unknown for the moment.

A few of Bethesda’s games such as Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, have been ported to Nintendo Switch recently and its unsure how many future games if any will be ported in such a manner under Microsoft’s rule.

In an interview with CNBC, Phil Spencer had again mentioned exclusivity, stating that future Bethesda games would come to game pass on their release day:

“The commitments we’ve already made with the gamers out there on the games people know about, we will continue with those commitments. The thing this is really about is a huge investment in our Xbox community. They know that the great games coming from ZeniMax and all of those studios—we’re now over 23 studios inside of Xbox—those games will be able to come to the Xbox community, they’ll come to Game Pass day-and-date, and people will just have this amazing collection of great games to continue to play on Xbox.”

So, it seems that these pressing questions that the gaming community has had about the buyout has been on the minds of Microsoft executives and that they are working on solutions for each game individually. This is a very promising move towards the future of these games and the company as a whole.