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Goodbye 2020


It has been a hard year for sure but our goal remains…

We have less than a week left then we can finally, hopefully, put this year behind us and start anew but with the same goal in mind…

We had a rather productive year here at MGR Gaming nonetheless – we upgraded our publishing platform, improved it, and expanded what we cover and write about. All things considered, it was a good year for us.

In the past few weeks, we have begun heavily promoting and upgrading our Discord Server. It has been one change after the other, but we are getting there bit by bit. The server boasts Rooms for major gaming platforms. It has forty game rooms now and forty genre watch rooms and that is not all. We recently activated the Ranking system. As you make use of the server you will be awarded for every message sent with an XP amount. As the XP builds up you will reach new levels. Tied to specific levels are MGR Gaming Ranks. Rank 10 is the starting rank which you can achieve by reaching Level 10.

The aim behind this is to offer unique giveaways and rewards to users who showcase commitment to the server, and then some. We have also upgraded the Content Creation section. Streamers are welcome to pop by and have a chat with us to get their streams hosted on the server. We have also added numerous smaller add ons and features to the server. All of these can be read up on in the server news section on our server.

Our goal has not shifted, we still aim to bring you the latest and greatest in Gaming and Tech news. We thank you for taking the time to read our content and sticking by us.

From the MGR Gaming team, thank you very much for standing by us.

To the MGR Gaming team, thank you for all the great work and effort you constantly invest in MGR Gaming.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may 2021 be as prosperous as can be!