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GTA VI Could Have Series’ First Female Protagonist


Many fans have long wondered if or when GTA will include a female playable character because of course GTA V had no less than three men that players could swap between at any time.

Leaker/insider Tom Henderson has tweeted that “for the first time ever in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.”

The reactions to the tweet are positive for the most part, but there will surely be those that will disagree with this decision by Rockstar Games.

Tom Henderson is known for his accurate leaks in the past, these include news related to the Call Of Duty and Battlefield game franchises. Henderson’s most recent correct prediction was the return of several Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War features, including killstreaks.

His connection to Rockstar and the GTA franchise is not known but judging by his past track record he has been accurate more times than not. It is of course still an unconfirmed rumour so as with any rumour do keep this in mind.

Rockstar hasn’t said much and they remain hush-hush which of course has pushed fans into overdrive trying to dig up any information they can about GTA VI.

For example, just last month fans found evidence of some 1980’s period Cartel weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2, which fueled rumours that GTA VI would see players travelling between Vice City and South America.

GTA VI Could Have Series' First Female Protagonist

Before this little discovery, the very astute fans noticed that Rockstar games had updated the domains for “gtavicecityonline’ and ‘’.

Another little tidbit that did not go unnoticed was the now-deleted Tweet of an 80’s electro-synth artist named “Vector Hold” who was claiming that Rockstar was reaching out to several artists to use their work on the Grand Theft Auto VI soundtrack.

He claimed that Rockstar had been looking for Synthwave artists for one of the Vice-City-inspired radio stations that the game featured.

This suggests that Rockstar games are more than knee-deep into the development of GTA VI. The game is still an Enigma though and no pertinent information has been shared with fans.

Information such as release dates or any solid plans for the game, we now know from this trusted industry insider that we might be seeing a woman as a lead role which is promising. We will as far as possible keep you up to date with the latest news regarding this much anticipated Title.