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Helldivers 2 Overcomes Obstacles As Engine Discontinued Six Years Ago

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Arrowhead Game Studios Pushes Boundaries Despite Using Defunct Autodesk Stingray Engine

Helldivers 2, the latest sensation in the gaming world, faced unexpected challenges during development due to its utilization of an obsolete game engine.

Arrowhead Game Studios, the creative minds behind Helldivers 2, opted for the Autodesk Stingray engine, formerly known as Bitsquid, to craft their masterpiece. However, Autodesk Stingray was officially discontinued in 2018, leaving the development team without crucial support.

Confirming this revelation, Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead’s CEO and creative director, acknowledged the team’s reliance on an engine that had ceased to exist. He highlighted the arduous journey faced by their engineers, who persevered without external assistance to ensure Helldivers 2 matched the standards set by other engines.

Helldivers 2 gameplay

Pilestedt revealed that the project commenced before the discontinuation of Autodesk Stingray, further complicating the development process. Despite these setbacks, Helldivers 2 successfully launched, captivating players worldwide and surpassing concurrent player counts of established titles like Destiny 2 and GTA 5 on PC.

Despite its remarkable success, Arrowhead Game Studios acknowledges the challenges posed by the game’s overwhelming popularity, particularly in maintaining server stability amidst a surge in player numbers. As they continue to navigate these hurdles, Helldivers 2 stands as a testament to the team’s resilience and dedication to delivering an exceptional gaming experience.