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Henry Cavil Building His PC Is The Hottest News Right Now


The Witcher Star has been busy building his very own PC and we could watch him all day.

As we all know The Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavil is an avid gamer. He recently told GQ magazine that sitting alone in his man-cave playing PC games all day is his favourite pastime.

Henry Cavil Building His PC Is The Hottest News Right Now

The British actor has decided to show us his PC building skills as promised and he is doing it very seductively much to the delight of many fans.

Cavil seems to have a bit of spare time on his hands as The Witcher isn’t resuming its filming till next month, so in the meantime why not catch up with unfinished projects such as his much-awaited PC build.

I personally found myself watching this till the end and that music…

That music sets the tone of the video and shows us why he is so popular.

He is pretty aware of his heartthrob status and even captioned his video:

“This kind of material isn’t for everyone…. viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before.”

Fans are loving the fact that he admits the minor mistakes he makes with the build,(such as inserting a critical part upside down), and then goes back to fix them; this makes the video more personal and shows that he is down to Earth even if he is The White Wolf after all.

In the video, you can see him work the entire night through and even takes a “gaming” break before he returns to the rig to continue the build.

Henry Cavil Building His PC Is The Hottest News Right Now

The final product of the build turns out beautifully with a sleek black tower and colourful but striking LED lighting to give it that wow factor. Simple yet eye-catching with all great quality parts inserted into the build. He is also seen being very careful with some parts, mentioning that their pins are delicate and therefore you need to be gentle when putting them in, which shows he takes this build very seriously.

You can also see him meticulously reading instruction manuals to make sure nothing is amiss. This level of dedication can also be seen in his other hobbies, such as painting miniature Warhammer figurines, etc.

Cavil is a well-known Warhammer fan and when he’s not playing Total War: Warhammer 2 he is painting models, he has even made a cameo in the new DLC.

Henry Cavil Building His PC Is The Hottest News Right Now

We will surely be seeing a lot more of him in the future and honestly well we can’t wait.