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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port


Nothing Is Sweeter Than A Wanting Rumor Being Announced As Happening…

Last year we teased with a rumor of a Horizon Zero Dawn PC port, and today Jason Schreier from Kotaku officially confirmed these rumors.

This brilliant PlayStation 4 exclusive. what makes this act even more unique and interesting, is the fact that Sony is planning on releasing an exclusive game on a platform that is not their own. This could easily have been a planned move for Sony to bring access to a wider spectrum of gamers, which makes for a very smart move on Sony’s part especially when you look into Microsoft plans to bring Steam and EPIC games to their Xbox Series consoles.

This happening can be the stepping stones to bring the Console Vs PC wars to a cease fire and who knows; eventually peace and a much bigger multiplayer pool of gamers to game with, and all of this where gamers can enjoy any game regardless of platform.

For now, it is unsure which platform Horizon Zero Dawn will be made available to. Will EPIC games cough up the big bucks to buy this as an exclusive or will Steam step up, or will it be PC friendly, gracing all stores with the opportunity to make this gem of a game available to its users?

My fellow gamers; it is a waiting game, but one worth waiting for.