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Humble Totally Tropico Bundle


Why pay full price when we can get it cheaper!

Head on over to Humble Bundle to buy this Bundle before the sale ends.

A Little About These Games:

“Kalypso is giving you complete control of the island of Tropico in our newest bundle! Start your political career in Tropico 5, Tropico 4, and Tropico 3, with additional content for each game. As always, purchases will support a charity of your choice!”

Tier 3: $1 (R17.00)

Tier 2: $8.14 (R137.88)

Tier 1: $12 (R 203.27)


  • 1 Month Free of Humble Choice for New Subscribers
  • Must purchase the highest tier to receive coupon!

Platform: PC
Activation: Steam

Buy your bundle HERE.

Sale ends 29 September 2020


Tropico Reloaded:

  • Includes the original Tropico, the expansion Paradise Island and Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
  • Over 100 scenarios
  • Random map generator for an infinite number of challenges

Tropico 3:

  • A campaign consisting of 15 missions
  • Random map generator
  • Timeline editor
  • The Avatar — customizable and under the player’s control
  • Election speeches
  • Simulation of the life, family, and political views of each Tropican
  • Vehicles and Roads
  • New buildings and new units

Tropico 4:

  • New campaign consisting of 20 missions on 10 new maps.
  • 20 new buildings including Stock Exchange, Shopping mall, Aqua Park and a Mausoleum to El Presidente.
  • Six new interactive disasters including volcanoes, droughts and tornadoes.
  • Council of Ministers
  • National Agenda
  • Trading system

Tropico 5:

  • The Eras
  • The Dynasty
  • Research and Renovate
  • Advanced trade system and trade fleet
  • Explore your island
  • All new art
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer