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In-Game Gifting From The Crown Store Suspended In Elder Scrolls Online


The suspension of in-game gifting from the Crown Store will hit fans hard, and it will continue until further notice.

The Elder Scrolls Online temporarily disabled item gifting from its Crown Store, the in-game cash shop, to other players.

Despite server limits, players can still coordinate in-game to buy and share DLC packages from the Crown Store with friends.

But in The Elder Scrolls Online, giving isn’t limited to supporting a buddy. In fact, it also contributes to the game’s player economy. Players who want to buy anything from another player with cash shop currency can farm in-game gold and use that to do so.

Both players leave the game content. The player with the money gains access to in-game gold, while the player who has the time to farm in-game gold leaves with a new mount or a DLC package they desired but lacked the money to purchase.

A few of the Crown store gifts.

Also, guilds and traders sell in-game goods and gift Crown Store items for flash raffles to encourage player participation.

It’s entertaining, a good promotion, and if you are lucky in one of the raffles. You can then leave with some free merchandise from the cash store.

In ESO, all of this is also permitted. Overall, it’s actually pretty cool, incredibly practical, and occasionally just plain entertaining when traders get inventive.

According to a recent post on the game’s forums from community manager ZOS_Kevin, this will all be put to a stop.

The post stated:

“Starting today, we are pausing in-game gifting (via the Crown Store) for the foreseeable future due to ongoing fraudulent behavior. We understand that the ability to gift to friends and guildmates is desired and of value to many of you. We will continue to explore options that will allow us to re-enable in-game gifting again in the future.”

The Elder Scrolls community is currently outraged by the decision, as the reason behind it remains unclear at this time.

A consequence of this decision is that if you have an unclaimed gift, you might not be able to claim it immediately. Instead, you may need to initiate a support ticket for assistance.

This news shocks many game fans, with hopes for a temporary decision by the Elder Scrolls Online community manager.