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Inventory Management Is Made Easier With The Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod


The Baldur’s Gate 3 mod significantly alters how items in the inventory UI are displayed to you

While Larian’s landmark D&D RPG has a good chance of winning this year’s Game Awards, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I ended up only using half of the scrolls, consumables, and other items in my inventory because it looked like Jackson Pollock took to the screen after only a few hours. Now, however, we can all rejoice because one of BG3’s most prolific modders has released yet another simple, but necessary, download.

Yes, in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can search your inventory for items, but it doesn’t make staring at the wall of homogeneous tat any easier. This is where ‘Caites’ enters the picture, as their Better Inventory UI mod makes some minor but significant changes to the RPG game. With a few changes, the Baldur’s Gate 3 mod improves the readability of your inventory and even combines with a previous Caites mod for books (if you download it) to make looking at your inventory at a glance less terrifying.

To begin, different types of items are represented by small extra symbols on the inventory screen. Books with darker backgrounds now have grenade symbols, drinks, and alchemy potions have chalices and mortar and pestles, instruments have musical notes and usable items have cog symbols as well. It’s now a little easier to tell what kind of items you’re looking at or, more importantly, looking for at a glance.

Caites has provided an in-game example of how the inventory UI changes work.

Inventory Mnagament mod in Baldur's Gate 3

More useful items in these categories now have colored backgrounds, rather than the vanilla transparent squares that cover much of the inventory screen. Caites has done something simple on paper that significantly improves the visibility of BG3, making UI navigation much easier. You can also choose between multiple versions of the BG3 mod, with one adding food to the list (though this currently significantly slows UI opening times). 

Caites has already released a better context menu mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 and a targets mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 that shows you even more about targets in and out of battle without even having to click on them. Caites’ Better Inventory UI mod can be found right here, and they’ve compiled a comprehensive list of compatibility issues and answered frequently asked questions to help you download the mod with ease.