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It Seems Cyberpunk 2077 Will Get No Man’s Sky Style Comeback


A leaked source has divulged that CD Projekt Red could be planning a comeback for Cyberpunk 2077, in the style of “No Man’s Sky”.

This information comes via an alleged developer at CD Projekt Red, who shared the tidbit on TheGameFAQ’s forum, and then it made its way to Reddit.

As we all know Cyberpunk 2077 was quite a mess at launch with many bugs reported across all platforms. CD Projekt Red has since patched many of these issues and did so rather promptly.

Cyberpunk 2077 has gone through five patches already with the first fix happening very soon after the games release. CD Projekt Red has assured fans that the most serious bugs and defects will be removed by the end of February 2021.

As the rumour suggests, the developers are hearing from the “higher-ups” that the company is planning a “comeback” for Cyberpunk 2077 that will be in the style of the “No Man’s Sky” comeback, with large updates planned that will supposedly fix the game by the end of June 2021.

There is a lot of content that has been cut from the game and this is reportedly because a “ top dog wasn’t feeling it”. Among the content that was scrapped, there were apparently over 50,000 lines of dialogue cut from the game.

There was supposed to be a “huge underground part of the city that the public never got to see” too and this underground world was compared to the likes of “Malkavian/Nosferatu path on Vampire the Masquerade.”

It Seems Cyberpunk 2077 Will Get No Man’s Sky Style Comeback

This part of the city was cut because one of the executives found it to be “ugly”. It is also said that many of the locked buildings were supposed to be explorable and packed with great loot which was also cut from the game.

It is also reported that the NPC’s were supposed to play a larger role in the game, especially in terms of A.I. There was random gang violence planned in specific areas, which the user could either join in on or watch from the sidelines.

Keanu Reeves’s work as Johnny Silverhand was also criticized  despite being “a very nice man”, the source claims that his original character “was way cooler and sounded like a maniac.”

It is said that the original Johnny Silverhand was inspired by David Hayter’s Solid Snake from the original Metal Gear Solid and apparently Cillian Murphy, star of Peaky Blinders.

Although it seems there have been a lot of changes to the game good and bad, CD Projekt Red has proved themselves in the past.

You might remember when The Witcher 3 was originally released, there was a lot of criticism because of all the bugs and in-game issues that were present in the original version. Well CD Projekt Red really stepped up here fixing and patching the game and it eventually went on to win “Game of the Year” at the 2015 Game Awards.

CD Projekt Red will hopefully repeat this and step up in the next months to deliver a game that will be worthy of its own awards.