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Jamie Lee Curtis To Join Cast Of Borderlands Movie


Horror Icon and beloved actress Jamie Lee Curtis will star as Dr.Tannis in the upcoming Borderlands Movie.

This much-anticipated movie adaptation of the Borderlands game franchise has already got two big stars on its roster and it has now been announced that they will be getting another.

Jamie Lee Curtis is most famous for her role in the Halloween movie franchise which was released in the late ’70s. She is known as a “Scream Queen” and other horror films she has acted in include: Knives Out, The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, and Roadgames.

Jamie Lee Curtis To Join Cast Of Borderlands Movie

She is not only known for her roles in horror films though and has been seen in such masterpieces as A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, Blue Steel, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua among many more.

Lionsgate themselves have made the announcement that Curtis will be boarding the Borderlands train stating:

“Curtis will play Tannis, an archeologist on Pandora who might have the key to finding the vault, but whose complicated history with Lilith (Blanchett) isn’t going to help.”

Jamie Lee Curtis To Join Cast Of Borderlands Movie

Dr. Patricia Tannis is a non-player character who is integral to the main storyline of Borderlands and provides missions in Borderlands 2. Tannis makes a return in Borderlands 3 as an important side-character that assists the new Vault Hunters in their goal to stop the Children of the Vault.

Dr. Tannis has her own tumultuous backstory that starts when she was hired by the Dahl corporation for her expertise in Eridian artifacts and technology. They hired her to seek out the hidden vault on Pandora.

During her stay there she had several breakdowns as a result of the harsh environment and most of her colleagues dying. The Dahl corporation eventually lost interest in the vault and stopped all efforts to find it, but Dr.Tannis was not done and she became obsessed with finding it even staying behind on the planet.

She was now using the various bandit clans to assist her in her research but she was betrayed by the Bandits and in turn secluded herself to her dig site thanks to an irrational phobia of the world outside. It was at this point that she sent out signals calling for the help of Vault Hunters to aid in her research.

Curtis having almost 50 years of acting experience under her belt is sure to bring the colourful role of Dr.Tannis to life, adding to the expectations that this new movie is building, as it adds more and more stars to the roster.

It is still unsure when the movie will be released but it is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated video game movies of recent years.