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July 2020 Maintenance


It’s maintenance time again…

We run a bit of maintenance periodically to ensure that we tackle bugs as they come up, or eliminate them before coming up. However, to ensure a comfortable experience we do need to take things offline for a bit to take a close look at the larger things. July 2020 Maintenance mode; on!

MGR Gaming is moving hosting services. This coming Weekend, MGR Gaming will be unreachable as our team works to migrate the site to its new home. This move will offer better loading speeds for the community making the experience more pleasant.

The new hosting service will also offer better optimization and performance on the backend side, making it a win win situation. We will also be taking a look at some bugs that have been nesting and swiftly deal with them.

There will be some organizing to make browsing neater for the end user as well.

We will also be doing some more work on the Online Shop.

For now that should wrap up our July 2020 maintenance run.
We wish you all a wonderful week, Stay Safe and Game On!

August 2022 Update: It is has been a while since this post and we’ve already come such a long way but plenty has changed in order to put us on the right track. If you’ve been with us for a few years then we thank you, your support is greatly appreciated; if you’re newly joining us then we do hope that you’ll stick around during our somewhat of an overhaul.