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Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 (2003 Re-Release)


Free Loot, Get Your Free Loot Right Here!

Let’s bring back all the good memories of the incredible, brave and lovely Kao the Kangaroo.

Head on over to Steam to grab your free copy of Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 (2003 Re-Release).

A Little About The Game:

“ Play as Kao! The cutest and bravest kangaroo of all video games returns in this digital version of “Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2.”Experience the joy of playing a classic 3D single-player platformer filled with various challenges, including fighting, racing, and solving puzzles. Bounce through 25 levels set in 5 unique, colorful worlds to rescue your animal friends captured by the evil Hunter and his henchmen!”

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply add the game to your cart, and click checkout. The game’s price has been reduced to free so checking out will not cost you anything.

The Official Trailer For Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 (2003 Re-Release):


  • Steam achievements
  • Steam cloud saving
  • High-resolution support
  • Controller support (Xbox 360/ One and PS4)
  • Bounce through 25 levels set in 5 unique, colorful worlds
  • Punch the baddies! Use a variety of different fighting techniques to rescue your friends
  • Approximately 30 challenging enemies to defeat
  • Boss encounters