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Later This Month, Dragon’s Dogma 2 Will Have A 15-Minute “Info-Packed” Livestream


Capcom has more to show for the sequel to the cult classic

Capcom announced today that the showcase will take place on November 28 at 1 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. GMT, with director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi hosting. Capcom teases that the “info-packed” stream will include new gameplay reveals, which presumably means more of the original cult-classic RPG’s monster climbing and/or slaying.

The teaser video (shown above) features not one, but three towering giants. A player character leapfrogs onto its face in one. The second stomps casually down a bridge. And a third poor soul sinks headfirst into the mud. The snippet also mentions the sequel’s revamped magic, beautiful dark fantasy world (built in the Resident Evil engine), and, of course, its dragons.

Capcom appears to have a lot to show off with Dragon’s Dogma 2, which is said to be four times the size of the open world in the first game. The publisher recently held a nine-minute deep dive to reveal the game’s new Vocations, or classes, so the upcoming stream should be the game’s longest