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Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition


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Now this is going to be one amazing journey…

Head on over to EPIC to grab your free copy of Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition.

A Little About The Game:

A mission to a distant planet turns mysterious very fast when you discover an already abandoned existing Russian town. Making matters even stranger, you come across a mysterious woman who seems to be able to survive this hostile atmosphere.

“Lifeless Planet was inspired by Cold War era science fiction stories, posing questions about humankind’s desire for space travel. What if you journeyed across the galaxy to another planet, only to find humans had already been there? What kind of person would sign up for a one-way mission, leaving behind planet Earth and everyone they’ve ever known and loved… to go in search of an Earth-like planet?”

A brilliant action adventure full of thrill and danger awaits you…

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply click on “Get”; Wait for the page to load, a new window will appear. Click place order and there you have it. If you do not have an EPIC account, creating one is free.

The Official Trailer For Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition.


  • Explore 20 unique and atmospheric environments on a vast and treacherous planet.
  • Follow a mysterious young woman as she guides you past dangerous terrain and deadly life-forms.
  • Investigate the startling discovery of an abandoned Russian town.
  • Experience an exciting and intriguing story through rich graphics and cinematic cut-scenes.