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Lords Of The Fallen Will Step Up Their Challenge Runs By Introducing New Elements


Hexwork is developing a new modifier system to add a new layer of difficulty to their game

Lords of the Fallen developers aim to give Elden Ring players a massive step up to their self-created challenges. The developers went on and shared some of the ideas they planned on introducing, things such as permadeath and randomizer mods.

If you recall, since the early days of Elden Ring’s launch Ayers came up with unique challenges during their journey in the Lands Between, making this journey even harsher.

Some players took to completing their games without ever levelling their characters up or beat all the bosses without taking a single hit. Don’t forget the speed runners who aimed to complete the game in the fastest time possible. These player-created challenges provided a lot of entertainment for the viewers of the streams or posted videos.

It’s here where Hexworks, the developers behind Lords of the Fallen decided to one-up these challenges by introducing new elements into their new Souls-like game.

Hexworks latest Steam post. outlined their ongoing plans for Lords of the Fallen. Hexworks shared there that they started working on an “NG+ modifier system”. Once this update has been implemented, it will allow players to customize their New Game Plus playthroughs. There will be several modifiers that they can choose to activate on their new Playthrough.

Some of these modifiers are, a new hardcore mode, for those that do not know what this means; you have to live, die and it’s permadeath. There will also be things such as item randomizers and enemy randomizers. You will also have the means to change the vestiges, removing some or removing them all. This will surely change your approach during your playtime in Axiom and Umbral.

An epic battle ensue in Lords Of The Fallen

“The feature set is yet to be fully defined,” Hexworks mentioned, “but our current intention is to release the modifier system before the end of the year.”

To make things clearer, the developers aim to introduce some “fundamental changes to ensure everyone continues to enjoy the NG+ experience.” Their latest patch, which rolled out yesterday, gave you the option of progressing to the next NG+ or allowing you to replay your current NG at the same difficulty.

“This will allow trophy hunters and completionists to seek out any outstanding tasks without having to contend with increased difficulty, should they so choose,” the developer said. They also made adjustments to limit how far enemies pursue you, offering you some more strategies and options.

On the 26th of October, a new patch will be released that will lessen the number of enemies in some of the game’s more difficult sections. Also being added to the patch, instead of removing all the vestiges when you progress to a NG+, they will be gradually removed as you progress through NG+ modes. By the time you hit NG+3, only the Skyrest Bridge and Adyr’s Shrine vestiges will remain.

Lords of the Fallen has been off to a strong start, with more than 1 million copies sold to date. “Thanks to you, our fearless Lampbearers, the radiance of Mournstead rekindles…” Hexworks shared in a tweet celebrating the milestone.