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MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs


MAD Controllers is a well-known brand in the South-African Gaming community, as such many of us are curious as to who they are and what makes them tick.

MAD Controllers is a name synonymous with quality and great service when it comes to repairing consoles and controllers as well as customizing and personalizing your Xbox or PlayStation controller.

The head of MAD Controllers is none other than Shane Harmse who is based in Krugersdorp and works tirelessly to make sure his clients get great quality service and unique controllers that they can be proud to show off. Each design is unique and specific to the client’s needs and desires.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

MGR Gaming recently caught up with Shane Harmse to find out more about MAD Controllers and this is what he had to say about this exciting and innovative company:

Q. MAD Controllers are a leader in the industry, tell us about the origins of the company and how it all started.

When I was younger, I was passionate about gaming and custom designs, these were my hobbies. I then decided to start my own business fixing consoles and repairing controllers. I have been in the console repair industry for more than 10 years now. I specialize in console and controller repairs. With e-sports growing worldwide and controllers becoming more expensive I started Mad Controllers for the reason to only repair controllers at an affordable rate, from there I got a lot of customization requests and that just took off for us.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

Q. What role does MAD Controllers hope to play in the future of the South-African gaming industry?

I hope to become a well-known brand in the South African console gaming community. If you think controller, you must see Mad Controllers.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

Q. Where do you see MAD Controllers in five years?

I would like to expand Mad Controllers by opening more repairs centers in other provinces, to be the go-to company for all your controller repair and customization needs, and to become a sponsor/ affiliation for more local well-known based clans.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

Q. Is there anything you would like the public to know about MAD Controllers?

We are known for controller customization and repairs, what very few gamers know is we have launched our own pro controller for PS4 and XBOX One. That offers digital triggers, bumpers, and remapped buttons. We offer send in options where we do our MAD Pro builds on your own controller or you can buy a brand-new MAD Pro controller directly from us. This is to help our local gamers to get a pro controller and they can now get this locally.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

Q. Are there any upcoming Promotions or competitions we should know about?

We did our biggest giveaway in September as we turned 1 year old and there is so much more to come, please follow us on our social media pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel for updates on upcoming competitions.

MAD Controllers Customization And Repairs

If you own an Xbox or PS and have ever contemplated customizing your controller, consider MAD Controllers as they have great quality services and their prices are “unmatched”.

To get in contact with MAD Controllers you can E-mail them at or check out their work on one of the following platforms: