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Makers Of Nude-Modded Dead Or Alive DVD Get Sued


The makers of Dead or Alive Koei Tecmo will be suing the creator of a nude-modded version of the game and will reportedly be seeking criminal charges as well.

The Dead or Alive games despite being first and foremost fighting games have always had an aesthetic of beautiful young things scantily clad, but each time is very tastefully done. Well, that aesthetic seems to have been violated by an unnamed maker of a Nude Mod for the game.

The Nude-Mod was made from footage of Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation. The footage was modded for “the removal of character clothing”, and the ensuing DVD was bought on a public sale web site.

The Dead or Alive creator has always been very public about their intentions to keep the game classy and above board. This DVD however has pushed them over the edge and they are now pursuing legal action against the creator of the Mod citing Copyright infringement.

Koei Tecmo is reportedly cooperating with the Kanagawa Prefectural police and it was deemed that the sale of such content is copyright infringement, despite it being modified.

Makers Of Nude-Modded Dead Or Alive Get Sued

The original statement was in Japanese but when we google translated it to English,it basically mentioned that the publisher considers this a case of copyright infringement, and aims to file both criminal and civil charges as a result. Their announcement also warns that “we will continue to take strict measures against copyright infringement and strive to provide games that satisfy many users.”

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation is a japan-only-spin off of the Dead or Alive beach volleyball series. The game doesn’t have much “gameplay” to speak of, mostly just ways to make money and spend it on outfits for your characters.

Koei Tecmo has always prided itself in the modesty of its games and this new “porn” version has seemingly gotten them hot under the collar, enough to file a lawsuit.

There are many games out there with plenty of gratuitous sex that are freely available, so our advice is to stick to those games and avoid stealing other developer’s ideas for personal gain as it will not be tolerated and they could be knocking on your door next.