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Marvel’s Avengers New Update Exposing Streamer IP Addresses


Players have been advised not to stream or upload screenshots while Square Enix works to resolve this major issue.

The popular Marvel’s Avengers game just received a new update that finally includes a clash between the Cosmic Cube-powered scientist Rappaccini and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Unfortunately, this update also happened to expose everyone’s IP addresses. As soon as the game starts, your IP address, username, and the current time and date appear on the screen and it moves around the screen making it impossible to cover up with a watermark, etc.

As you can imagine this caused a lot of problems for those players streaming their games. Your I.P. address, or Internet Protocol address, is a number that indicates a device’s location on the internet. If someone happens to get hold of your I.P. address they can get your approximate location and it can also be used to initiate cyber attacks against your devices.

Crystal Dynamics has issued a warning about streaming Marvel’s Avengers gameplay in the 1.8.0 patch as it is causing the PlayStation 5 version of the game to reveal player IP addresses to viewers.

Crystal Dynamics had this to say about it in a tweet:

Streamers have responded harshly to this news, as you might expect given that it is a serious violation of privacy.

Crystal Dynamics tweeted a couple of hours later saying that: “We are currently testing a solution to the issue of personal information, including the player’s IP address and username, being displayed on screen on PS5 and plan to deploy a hotfix tomorrow at around 8AM PT.”

PC gamer said that they “tested Marvel’s Avengers on Steam and did not encounter the problem, so you should be safe if you’re playing on PC”. Even so, players should exercise caution until this whole “issue” is fully resolved.

Why Crystal Dynamics decided to word it the way they did and not mention that the “string of information” was actually the IP addresses of the players is still a mystery.

Hopefully, this issue gets resolved soon as this could potentially put a lot of players in real danger from having their personal information displayed for the whole world to see.

Our advice is to wait till the bug is properly fixed if you are planning to stream the game on PS5.