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Meet Apex Legends Season 6’s New Hero Rampart


The new season of Apex Legends will introduce a new female Hero and she is sure to kick-ass.

Apex Legends Season 6 is coming on the 18th of August, its official name is “Boosted” and it will introduce a new hero to the roster.

Her name is Rampart and from the official Apex Legends Season 6 press release, we know that she is:

“A 21-year-old British-Indian and private business owner, Rampart gets by in the dangerous wild west world of the Outlands with a heavy-mounted turret and backpack full of scrap metal. In Season 6 – Boosted, players can collect materials around the Apex Legends map and build something better if they don’t like their existing gear. Players can also look forward to a new energy SMG (the Volt), a Battle Pass with over 100 new items, including Legendary Skins and holo-sprays, as well the start of Ranked Series 5.”

Rampart is described as an “expert Modder”, and also comes with a companion who is called Sheila, who we assume is her Robot or her gun. On the official EA, site Rampart is said to have made her name in the underground fight clubs. She is said to “talk big” and has the ballistics to back it up.

Meet Apex Legends Season 6's New Hero Rampart

While EA hasn’t officially given us details on Rampart’s abilities, there are apparently “leaked details” on the subject, and as soon as we get those, we will share them with you.

There will also be some new features in Season 6, namely a new crafting system where you can collect materials from all around the map and build and craft other items from them.

Also, a new weapon has been introduced called “The Volt” which is an energy SMG. Fans of Titanfall 2 will recognize The Volt. It has a small recoil, fast reload, and accurate hip fire action. The Volt fires Hitscan Energy rounds and will undoubtedly be a great addition to the game.

That seems to be all the news we could dig up on Rampart and the new features coming to Season 6, but we will keep you up to date as soon as we know more.