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Memberships are in BETA


Those few hours to our new memberships launch flew by!

As you are reading this, the memberships feature is live and in BETA!

We have gone the distance to test it out and ensure that it is bug free, however we can’t be certain that there are no bugs. Should you happen on anything that looks like it does not belong, simply let us know by emailing us @

Memberships for now have limited features, you will be able to add a profile picture, and upload your banner as well. There will be account details and addresses that can be added too. These are mainly in place for the online shop, which is another feature that we are close to launching. More details on it to follow.

We hope to see you all there!

August 2022 Update: Some big changes have been and are still being made during the past few weeks. We hope to make the memberships a bit more user-friendly and possibly add a few extra features. Once again we thank you, our valued supporters, for your patience in sticking with us through the years and for anyone newly joining our journey we hope to make a good impression.