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MGR Gaming 2.0.1


Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting…

It is already public knowledge that the MGR Gaming website is busy with some major upgrades and they are nearing completion. With that being said, some of these have undergone some changes and improvements, yeah, they aren’t even live yet, but already being made better. That’s just how we want to operate…

Perfection is something you cannot attain, but that does not mean you should not try to get there anyway, and at MGR gaming we always try and push that limitation. Thus far our next upgrade is the e-commerce shop that we intend to launch as soon as all the back end things are up and running.

The shop will be selling every additional game key that the staff at MGR Gaming have unused in their libraries. This is a means to help with funding and maintaining the website, whilst paying for some freelancers. The goal with these keys is temporary. I for one have well over 800 unused, unrevealed game keys left in all of my purchase libraries.

Thus far I have been giving them away in the drop key events I host on the Facebook and Discord Platforms we use. Other than that, we give them out for Freelance Review writers., and that is where it stays.

So, after much debate, we have decided that we will list and sell of all these game keys at bundle rates. What does this mean? In plain terms, these keys will be sold off for dirt cheap, with the intention of making back some of its original costs and a few Rands profit. All of this will then go towards funding MGR Gaming.

The only keys that will be listed on our website, will be those owned by the senior staff members to ensure security and authenticity. We will not now or ever expand this section by taking in keys from random sellers. At this stage, there are no plans for becoming full time digital retailers. This entire idea has always been a temporary solution to help with funding.

Then some socializing took place!

We love our community and we love working with them, so there are always conversations taking place, ideas shared and concepts planned. One of these actually falls perfectly in line with our online shop. Pre-Owned sales; this is another feature that will be joining our online shop. This will range from the sales of pre-owned games, consoles, accessories, and other gaming related materials.

It is still in its early stages but this concept will lean more towards a permanent add on to our website. We have already begun sourcing goods and other hardware. Keeping with our statement as a community based organization, we have spoken to some of our closest colleagues and set up a venture where we will list and sell their goods for them on our website.

This allows them access to our website and user database and it gives MGR Gaming another stream of income. More information about this specific agreement is available upon request.

The online shop will also be further expanded with me bringing my Collectable Track & Trace services to the website. Collector’s items will also be sold via the website from now on, and no longer privately. The entire Track & Trace service will run through the MGR Gaming website now. This will allow a larger audience to see what we do and offer. Additionally, all extra Collectors Items will also be listed on the website from now on when they are up for sale.

Last but not least; Funko Pop! Some of you already know that I bring in Funko’s from abroad to increase your collections, especially when those Funko’s are shop exclusive, or simply never made it to our shores. Two things are taking place here. We are working on becoming official Funko retailers with the aim of supplying you with a steady flow of Gaming and Geek related Funko’s.

Furthermore, we also want to test the waters by seeing just how many special pre-orders we can get in, to obtain those hard to come by ones. Again, this concept is also fairly new and being worked on.

On to some lighter matters

On Facebook we have set up two community groups; One for the Resident Evil fans and one for the Final Fantasy fans. Two great franchises with incredible stories, lore, and a history that you can never get enough of! We have also added features to the Discord Rooms for Resident Evil, so if you are on Discord you are welcome to join us there too.

Our Discord server has also rolled out a new feature: Game Managers.

The goal of these GMs is simply, to keep the games going for the games they manage. Setting up events, raids, or just play dates are what these are all about. Whether you are looking for some casual fun after work or competitive play, they will cater to your needs. We cater to an abundance of games, so there is always room for players, users, and GMs. Be sure to join our Discord if you haven’t.

A few weeks back we started our community project with the Content Creators. The concept here is simple. We give them goods to unbox and video review. Once done they send us the videos which will then be uploaded to the MGR Gaming YouTube channel with credit to the creator. In turn, they keep what they made videos of. The first set of videos should be arriving this week.

Currently, we have only three Content Creators here and that is the limit for now. There are a lot of variables that we are still working on and finalizing. Once all of this has been done, we will open this project to more creators. It takes place only in our Discord Server under the Freelancer section, so if you want to take part that is where you have to be.

With all of this being said, we have one more addition. Partnership Page. It will be a new page that will be added to the website. The purpose here will be to list every freelancer or creator we work with. Who they are, what they do and how to get in touch with them? Just something small to try and offer you some more…

That is all we have for you at this stage. Have a good week and stay safe Gamers.